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  • City gecko

    City Gecko, a brand of smart solutions includes smart benches and solar bus stations.
    Smart city furniture enhances people’s daily lives and create the area's trendiest meeting place.

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    are our present

    Smart cities are no longer the distant future, on the contrary, they are increasingly our present. Population increases, while the infrastructure remains the same. For this reason, changes and innovations are needed. Improving the quality of life and successfully responding to all upcoming challenges, especially when it comes to the growing need for energy.

    Gecko brings new, smart habits to people and raises awareness of the importance of using renewables energy in all areas of life (transportation, advertising, power supply, etc.). Introduction of Concept in Cities they become greener, the air cleaner, traffic more moderate, and citizens more satisfied. In the time of increasing urbanization and digitalization, the needs of all citizens are changing, and City Gecko Concept seeks to adapt its solutions to these needs.

    The City Gecko Concept implies a synergy of solutions from the brand's range, urban infrastructure, mobility, and online platform. The concept makes life easier for the population, turning cities into modern and attractive to live in, reduces CO2 emissions, crowd, and noise. In our concept, we apply IoT technologies and our goal is a waster representation of this fast-growing technology. Through our devices with sensors, software, and wi-fi we create the “digital intelligence” which is connecting the digital and physical world.

    We are changing the look of the city, the way of life and the view of the present, and most of all future. We emphasize the creation of new, additional income as well as providing new jobs. With the Gecko Concept, the city is unstoppable it begins to change and in many ways becomes a better place to live.



    We are a producer of smart urban furniture. For us, being smart means being fast, agile, and adaptable. Our products adapt to client's needs and provide unique solutions to their inquiries. In the past years, we have managed to develop 4G Hub, Smart Island, and Smart rest! They are like all our solutions modular and adaptable.

    City Gecko smart benches with escooters chargers and park spots

    City Gecko

    The sensors on the benches collect environmental data and they are then graphically displayed to the Module owners and the end-user via the web and mobile applications.

    ce znak

    ce MARK

    City Gecko smart benches were created and tested following EU directives that ensure the quality of the products themselves. The introduced CE mark is proof of quality, safety, health, and environmental protection. As such, solutions are ready and suitable for installation in Europe and the world.

    City Gecko smart solar bench

    city gecko

    City Gecko solutions have established their presence across ten diverse countries, including Austria, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the United Arab Emirates. Explore our extensive gallery showcasing these global installations. Is your City missing from the City Gecko map? Connect with us to gain insights and discover how our innovative solutions can enhance your urban landscape. Our team is ready to provide you with tailored information to bring the transformative benefits of City Gecko to your community.


    Siniša Dakić

    Anoval d.o.o. Zagreb

    The City Gecko brand is a real refresh on the market, and the positive energy invested in the creation of the product is visible in the first conversation with the representatives. We are extremely proud to be a part of this positive story.

    Biljana Ševa

    Atos Bank a.d. Banja Luka

    For years, we have been trying to be an active member of the community in which we operate, and to strategically participate in projects, with which we strive to support the application of energy-efficient and ecological solutions for the everyday life of citizens. We are proud that by donating a solar bench to the city of Banja Luka and its citizens, we contributed to the development of awareness of the importance of environmental protection.

    Jan Janek

    d1 solutions Vienna

    The long-term experience of the Telemax company has greatly influenced the City Gecko, which can be seen from the performance and reliable operation of the solar products. I am glad that we continued our cooperation.

    Boban Pepić

    Coldwell Banker, Dubai

    The positive energy surrounding this brand is something that encouraged me to collaborate with City Gecko. Great product design is something that is definitely not seen that often.

    Essam Khalil

    MedTech, Riyadh

    As a proud partner of City Gecko, I've had an exceptional experience with their team. Their tailored solutions seamlessly integrated into our operations, surpassing our expectations. City Gecko's dedication to innovation and excellence has significantly contributed to our success. We wholeheartedly endorse them as a reliable partner for transformative urban solutions.

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